Marj Merges Beautiful. Honest. You. {and me}


Hi. I’m Marj. And that’s my husband Eric, our daughter River, and son Ansel.

I love the quiet of the early morning.  Watching the sun move across a valley touching each flower, blade of grass, and leaf individually.  Listening to the sweet song of birds greeting the day.

I love to snuggle into Eric’s chest on a chilly winter morning.  And most especially the rare days when we get to sleep in a bit and the whole family peacefully cuddles in our bed.

I love the feel of floating through powder atop my skis. The joy of catching snowflakes on my tongue. Of bounding through a world of white.

I love the feeling as I settle into a run that I can run forever. The pride in the strength of my body. The way my mind wanders as my legs simply take me across the miles of the landscape.

I love the exhilaration of skinny dipping in glacial lakes. The sharpness of the cold. The pristine beauty of the lake surrounded by peaks that soar skyward from its banks.

I love when River says “I love you.”  When she asks for a kiss by pursing her lips.  How she runs towards me with such joy and leaps into my arms when I return home from being gone.

I live in Longmont, Colorado with Eric, River, Ansel, and two very friendly cats.  I would be honored to get to know you.

Here’s a video of our wedding made by our wedding photographer here. (password = merges)